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Hello world November 5, 2009

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Hi there. This is going to be my “professional blog.” I hope this helps me to show customers, employers and people in general who I am and what I do. This is just the beginning, it is under construction yet, and I guess it will always be. As a translator, I am always learning and becoming a better translator with every job, every project and every word. Always building up my knowledge, as I am building this, my new digital home.


2 Responses to “Hello world”

  1. Kristen Says:

    Hey Martino — I like how your digital space is looking so far! I especially love the tagline you have chosen for yourself.

    A couple quick suggestions that I think could help you take this web presence to the next level:

    I think the “Languages” page could be rounded out with a little more information; the list of the three languages looks a little lonely.

    It’s also a bit confusing that the “Home” page and the main landing page of the site aren’t one and the same. I would recommend moving “Home” to the far left position in the navigation menu and having it act as the landing page for your site.

    Lastly, I can’t find a way to contact you (without looking at your CV, of course). An email contact form might be a good call to action for potential employers and clients.

  2. martinho21 Says:

    Thank you Kristen. You are definitely right in what you say, I will make several changes, that was just a start. You are definitely right about the conflict between the “home” page and the landing page. I’ll have to think about that. Your site looks great, by the way.

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