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“A new great wall” by Edith Grossman May 1, 2010

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Good article on the need of translating more literature into English in the USA. “Most important, we confront a hovering and constant threat to civil liberties as we reduce the number of translations we publish. The free exchange of literary ideas, insights, and intuitions — a basic reciprocity of thought facilitated by the translation of works from other cultures — is central to a free society. Dictators know this: They place tremendous importance on language, how it is used, to what end, and by whom. Imprisoned writers, banned books, censored media, restrictions on translations, even repeated attempts to abolish what are called “minority” languages are all clear indications that tyrannies take language, books, and access to information and ideas very seriously. Democracies have an obligation to take these matters even more seriously — and at the moment, the English-speaking world is failing in that task.” Read it here. Found it LinkedIn, posted by Rina Ne’eman.


2 Responses to ““A new great wall” by Edith Grossman”

  1. ieslmymonterey Says:

    Great article bro, I couldn’t agree more. This is Mike Garnett by the way. My project-based learning workshop is looking at your WordPress blog as an example of what’s possible with WordPress. I like the theme you chose, the layout is conducive to searching your blog quickly. See you Sunday!

    • martinho21 Says:

      Thanks Mike, I really need to put some more work on it and make some updates. I was also thinking on buying the domain I was surprised of how good a portfolio may look using WordPRess, I do encourage everybody to look into it and make it part of your portfolio.

      Who is teaching the workshop, by the way? How did you guys came across my blog?

      See you on the field!


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