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portfolio November 5, 2009

This is a fragment of the movie Heartbrake Ridge, translated by me for a Spanish public TV channel. It was a challenging project and also an awesome experience that helped me to realize how much I love my job.

I have also done some work as a video editor, when I worked as a research-worker for the research group Translation & Paratranslation at the University of Vigo. One of our projects was the creation of a on-line TV show made by and for translators for the on-line TV station UvigoTV. These are the first two chapters, where I worked as an editor, producer, post-producer and camera. I hope you enjoy it. Chapters III and IV are ready and waiting to be published.

Every translation is a challenge, but this one was special. When it comes down to art and literature, creativity is a must, but when you have to face the translation of a mesostic, it requires an even greater creative effort in order to convey the meaning and keep the original format. In this case I had to translate a mesostic by Alec Finlay from English into Spanish and Galician. This interview is part of the book Entre-vista, published by the Galician Museum of Contemporary Art. Here you can check the translation and also the source text, in case you didn’t know how a mesostic looks like.

Source text:

Translation into Spanish:

Translation into Galician:


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